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Dec 07 - Site redesign
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There are Pretenders among us.
Geniuses with the ability to
become anyone they want to be.

"In 1963, a corporation known as the
Centre isolated a young pretender
named Jarod and exploited his
genius for their research.

Then one day
, their Pretender ran away......"

The Pretender ran for 4 seasons and two movies and still there are more Questions than Answers. When something ends we all need closure and as loyal fans of this great show, that is something that hasn't been given.


I have put together a collection of pics, info, bios, wallpapers, contact info, links and message board, all the usual stuff. With series reruns in countries all over the world a new generation of Pretender Fans are emerging and it is a shame that so many sites have closed or have not been updated. 

I hope that you like the site makeover/redesign, If you find a link or page that's not working, please email me so I can rectify it.
Hope you all enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Haven Creations

July 2004.

Thank you to everyone for your support.
Unfortunately we didn't make it to the final nominees
but I did receive a Fan Favourite Site Seal.



This site is purely for entertainment purposes and is not associated with TNT or The Pretender in anyway.
No Infringement intended.  2003-2009  Haven Creations